Motherhood: an Essay

 A mother must be skilled all the tasks that take up one day. She will complete the same tasks day in and day out to assure her family’s success and happiness. In just one day my mother is responsible for the following – child care, food prep, chauffeur, interior design, client relations, cleaning, laundry, resident nurse, counselor, mediator, chef, and after tutor. My mom is very important to me, and through this photo essay I hope that people will see and leave with a greater appreciation for their mother’s many responsibilities and all mothers everywhere.

A mother’s greatest responsibility is arguably serving her children. I know for a fact, that my mother has spent uncountable hours helping me and my siblings dress ourselves, proofread papers while eating breakfast, and make our lunches before anyone else has woken up. My mom wakes before anyone else in the house to assure that things run smoothly on the way to school and work.


After everybody leaves for work and school, my mother gets straight to work. Admittedly, her family is pretty messy, and there is always a bathroom to be cleaned, laundry to be folded, and dishes to be washed. These responsibilities are often the ones that go unseen throughout the week when the rest of us are not at home.


Meal time is most important in our home. We all love to eat, and my mom loves to cook. She is also one of the best cooks I have met (a completely objective statement), and eating good food is what brings our family together. Because of this, the kitchen tends to be the busiest room in the house, and naturally it’s also the messiest. Food. Family. Fellowship. These are all most important.


After dinner, mom cleans the kitchen, the kids start homework, and everything in the house winds down. The family gets into bed, and the lights go out. But, everything in the house still hums and blinks, and often times my mom stays up too, preparing for the day to come.